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2015 Provisional Stage Rally Tyre List

Wednesday 05 Mar 2014 [10:11]

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Motorsports Association

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MSA publishes provisional Stage Rally Tyre List

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has published the provisional Tyre List for special stage rallies held on unsealed surfaces from 1 January 2015.

The move is intended to help reduce the environmental impact of stage rallies on forest roads. The list includes options from the major manufacturers of first generation tyres. Remoulded tyres acceptable from 2015 will be added to the list later this year, which will complete the final list.

Mike Broad, chairman of the MSA's Stage Rally Tyre Working Group, said: "I am delighted that the Tyre Panel has been able to issue thelist of approved tyres for unsealed surfaces in goodtime for the 2015 season. This gives competitors the whole of 2014 to use up any tyres they may already have that aren't on the list.

"I would like to thank the representatives of the tyre manufacturers concernedfor their co-operation over the last 12 months to enablethis list to be produced. If anybody has any queries over the future eligibility of their tyres, they should make direct contact with those manufacturers, who will be happy to help."

Andrew Kellitt, chairman of the Rallies Committee, added: "The regulation and control of tyres for stage rallies on unsealed surfaces is something that the Rallies Committee has been striving towards for some time. This next step is very welcome and will help secure the future of the sport."

Tyre manufacturers have until 1 September 2014 to include new or modified tyre patterns on the list; if approved by the MSA Tyre Panel, such additions will be announced on the MSA website and included in the 2015 MSA Yearbook.

The provisional tyre list is as follows:

Surface Saver


R203 NEW


Victra R19


Scorpion XR


The relevant new regulations, with effect from 1 January 2015, are as follows:

(R) Rallying

48.5.14.For all unsealed surface stage rallies only those tyres specified in Tyre List 6 are permitted.

49.10.5.For all unsealed surface stage rallies only those tyres specified in Tyre List 6 are permitted.

(L) Permitted Tyres

3.3.With the exception of tyres specified in List 6, hHand cutting is permitted, but only for the purpose of introducing additional grooves no deeper than those moulded into a new tyre. Hand cutting in order to increase the depth of existing moulded grooves is prohibited.


Tyres for unsealed surface Stage Rallies.

Other than as specified below only the tyres listed here are permitted.

Cars using wheels of 12" diameter or less are exempt but the tyres may not be hand cut in any form.

Cross Country vehicles with a valid CCLB and for which a suitable fitting is not available may use tyres from Lists 5(a) or 5(b).

Cars may use any remoulded tyre provided it is not hand cut in any form.

Where conditions dictate the Clerk of the Course, with the agreement of the Stewards of the Meeting, may declare the event to be of "Winter Conditions" and suspend the requirement to comply with Tyre List 6.

Date of Implementation: 1st January 2015

Reason: From 2015 it is proposed to limit the types of tyres permitted on unsealed surface stage rallies. This is to reduce damage to road surfaces and in the longer term costs. Tyre List 6 which is subject to approval by the Tyre Advisory Panel in September comprises all currently available "gravel" tyres with the exception of those described as "mud". No hand cutting of tyres is permitted but remoulded tyres are permitted and special provisions are proposed for cars with wheels with a diameter of 12" or less where choice and availability are erratic. Similarly Stage Rally compliant Cross Country type vehicles for which there isn't a suitable tyre available in Tyre List 6 may use tyres from Tyre Lists 5(a) or (b).

Editor's notes:

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is the national governing body, responsible for the regulation and administration of four-wheeled motor sport in the UK. The MSA is a member of the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and holds a seat on the World Motor Sport Council. The MSA represents 30,000 licence holders, 9,500 volunteer marshals and officials, more than 750 member clubs and issues permits for 5,000 motor sport events every year. As a result of its commitment to developing the sport, the MSA makes significant investment in the three elements of its Whole Sport Plan: 'Grow' targets an increase in participation levels, 'Sustain' invests in the infrastructure of the sport, its clubs and its people, and 'Excel' focuses on training future world champions and educating their peers.

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